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Apps That Caught My Attention

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Pile for reflective journalling
Desktop only 😞
Funnel for routing notes to different apps
iOS only 😞
Clop for image/pdf/video optimization
I use this ❤️


Under appreciated iOS apps

I switched back from iOS to android and this was a series of under appreciated iOS apps.
Structured for planning
Sorted for hyperscheduling
Journalistic for journalling with insights and entities
Journal4U for journalling that connects with Apple health
Moodcast for mood recording with levels and tags
Actions to make the shortcuts app bearable
Data Jar to maintain variable state between shortcut runs
Charty for creating charts using iOS shortcuts
Scriptable for automating iphone tasks using javascript
aShell for running any python script you’d want
Lock Launcher for launching anything from a notification or dynamic island
Mela for recipe tracking - my favorite ♥️
Crouton for recipes again but works with thermometers too!
Spark Mail 2 for a cross-platform email version
GoodTask for better reminders
Busycal for task scheduling
Bears Countdown for synced and cute event countdowns
Countdown for image based countdowns
Shorts or Pants for cute weather
Flighty for flight tracking (but only the paid version is useful)
App in the Air for flight and hotel tracking and the free version is semi useful
Autosleep for recording naps on apple health
Guava Health for health tracking with health app integration and all lab results
Flow App for synced timer across devices
Quick Draft for synced notes
Stickies Pro for stickies that float and sync
Hi Sticky for stickies with widgets
Cue It for stacked timers
Pass4Wallet for adding anything to apple wallet for free
Expenses for really good manual money tracking
Anybox for better bookmarks
Collections for a simpler and possibly better Notion
Listy for list tracking with auto-fill for details
Sofa for downtime (videos, movies etc) organizer and tracker
Water Tracker - Drink Reminder for beverage tracking, works with watch and is reasonably priced
Habits for cheap and feature-rich tracking
Awesome Habits for apple like experience of habit tracking
Chronicling for tracking any number and habit
JustTrack for tracking any number you want in any form
QTally for tracking numbers with pre-decided value increments
Daytum for really nice and customizable number and text tracking